West Coast Local Chairman workshop set for July 15-20

CLEVELAND, May 4 -- Due to overwhelming requests from BLE members who live on the West Coast, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers will hold a Local Chairman's Workshop in Berkley, Calf., from July 15-20, 2001.

The course will be held at the Clark Kerr Campus of U.C. Berkley, and will cover all aspects of Local Chairmen's duties and responsibilities. Normally, these workshops are held on the campus of the George Meany Center in Silver Spring, Md., which makes it difficult for West Coast members to attend.

Among other assignments, the workshop will include BLE organizational structure and functions, representing members at disciplinary and decertification hearings, union leadership skills, claim and grievance handling, and writing skills. A highlight of the seminars will come when attendees participate hands-on in a simulated disciplinary hearing.

Workshop presenters will include BLE Vice-President William C. Walpert, BLE Vice-President Richard K. Radek, Special Representative John Tolman, and BLE Arbitration Department Manager Greg Ross. In addition, Donald Spatz, an adjunct professor from the George Meany Center, will also make presentations during the workshop.

The BLE encourages all Local Chairmen to attend one of these workshops, if not the one in Berkley, then at least one in the near future.

"Every new local chairman should take advantage of these workshops," said Vice President Walpert, who heads the BLE's Education & Training Department. "Previous workshops have received glowing reviews from participants. It benefits experienced local chairmen to attend as well because the course covers all facets of Local Chairmen's duties and responsibilities. I've had experienced Local Chairmen tell me they've learned new things they weren't aware of prior to attending the class."

The BLE pays the costs of books, equipment, and a Thursday evening graduation banquet. BLE members who attend are responsible for the cost of room and board. For $442, members get a suite with single occupancy, three meals a day from Monday through Wednesday, breakfast and lunch on Thursday (BLE provides dinner at graduation banquet Thursday night), and breakfast on Friday. For $327, members get the same meal plan but must share a suite with a roommate.

BLE members living in the area can save the cost of housing by taking advantage of a commuter meal package, which is available for $41, but does not include breakfast or dinner (except for the Thursday evening banquet).

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis with a class size is limited to the first 25 who register. To register, please contact Barbara Kara of the BLE Education & Training Dept. at (216) 241-2630, ext. 238.


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May 4, 2001


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