DENVER -- The Regional Transportation District applied the brakes Tuesday to its takeover of downtown's Union Station train terminal, according to Denver Rocky Mountain News.

Deciding during a closed meeting that negotiations are going well with the owners of the terminal at the foot of 17th Street, the 15-member board emerged to vote unanimously to put on hold the condemnation proceedings it voted in November to initiate.

RTD wants to use the terminal as a transit hub for bus, inter-city train and light-rail lines.

It wants to buy the station from the three owners, but those owners have development rights on some of the surrounding land. That complicates the pricing of the land. And critics have questioned why RTD needs to own the building at all, rather than simply leasing a station platform and space in the building.

Although the vote was unanimous, not all of the board members were on board the train.

Carl Erickson said he was troubled that the board wasn't putting a deadline on talks with Trillium Corp. of Bellingham, Wash., Union Pacific Railroad Co. and Denver investor Pat Broe.

"I have some very strong reservations," Erickson said. "Once again, we're putting our condemnation processes on an extension that I'm not sure has a fixed point."

The station would be the terminal of the new Central Platte Valley spur of the light-rail system, which is expected to break ground next week.

The light-rail spur is scheduled to open in Spring 2002.

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January 17, 2001


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