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Howard Fogg, honorary BLEr and famous artist dies

Boulder, Colorado, OCTOBER 4

World-famous railroad watercolor artist and BLE Honorary Member Howard L. Fogg died earlier this week, reports BLE Colorado State Legislative Board Secretary-Treasurer Steve Patterson. Brother Fogg, 79, died on Tuesday, October 1. Fogg was one of a small handful of non-engineers to have earned honorary membership in our union in its 133 years.

"I'm sure there are hundreds of BLE members and retirees who will be saddened with word of Honorary Engineer Fogg's passing," notes Brother Patterson. Fogg was also an honorary member of the National Railroad Historical Society.

The BLE conferred Honorary Membership upon him in 1976, to which "Foggy" replied, "With a very full heart, I thank you for this Honorary Membership - I have joined a noble company of men, and my head is high!"
Updated Friday, October 4, 1996
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