In spite of atrocity, BLE convention will proceed as scheduled

CLEVELAND, September 13 -- The BLE International Division has received numerous calls from concerned BLE members regarding what impact Tuesday's terrorists attacks may have on the Brotherhood's Seventh Quinquennial Convention later this month in Miami, Fla. (Sept. 23-28). In spite of this horrible atrocity, the convention will be held as originally scheduled.

The majority of delegates attending the convention at the Fontainebleau Hotel will be flying to Miami, and many have contacted the ID with concerns regarding the U.S. airline system, which has been shut down for the past two days in the wake of Tuesday's national disaster. The ID has received reports from the office of Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta that the airports were opened at 11 a.m. EDT today (Sept. 13). The ID expects airline service to return to normal levels by Sept. 22-23, when most delegates will arrive in Miami.

Due to stricter safety requirements at all U.S. airports, however, delegates should arrive at their respective ariports at least two hours early to have an adequate amount of time to check-in for their flights. Delegates should also be advised that due to new FAA regulations, all knives are now prohibited on flights, including those with blades less than four inches in length (prior to Tuesday, these small knives were permissable). To avoid possible delays at check-in, delegates would be wise to leave such items at home.

We also have contacted the management of the Fontainebleau Hotel, advising them that delegate arrival may be delayed because of transportation problems, and that any room that has been reserved may not be released if the delegate does not arrive at the specified date and time, unless the reservation is cancelled altogether.


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September 13, 2001


2001 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers