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1999 News Flash Archive

December 1999

  • Dec 31: Today's Headlines: Two railroad workers missing after collision
  • Dec 30: NMB orders resolution to BLE-UTU dispute by March 29
  • Dec 30: Today's Headlines: BC Rail talks break down; lockout continues
  • Dec 29: Today's Headlines: STB will examine BNSF-CN merger carefully
  • Dec 28: Today's Headlines: UP reaches agreement to clean up contaminated soil
  • Dec 23: Today's Headlines: Molitoris issues statement regarding BNSF-CN merger
  • Dec 22: BLE issues in-depth report on Positive Train Control
  • Dec 22: Today's Headlines: BNSF-CN merger receives a 'cool' reception
  • Dec 21: Today's Headlines: CN-BNSF merger will create largest North American railroad
  • Dec 20: BLE to monitor BNSF-CN merger
  • Dec 20: Today's Headlines: CN and BNSF announce merger
  • Dec 17: Locked out steelworkers struggle to make ends meet
  • Dec 17: Today's Headlines: Court rejects STB bid to block transfer of train dispatchers
  • Dec 16: BLE halts UP harassment program
  • Dec 16: Today's Headlines:TWU gets 18% wage hike in New York
  • Dec 15: Three-day Canadian Strike comes to tentative halt
  • Dec 15: Today's Headlines: Amtrak will pull trains into station on New Year's Eve
  • Dec 14: BLE fights for worker safety on Montana Rail Link
  • Dec 14: Today's Headlines: Major railroads will pause on New Year's Eve
  • Dec 13: BLE announces Safety Task Force changes
  • Dec 13: Today's Headlines: Congestion is easing in some parts of Ohio
  • Dec 10: UP Town Hall meetings generate new membership
  • Dec 10: Today's Headlines: CSX declares "no stop zones" in Ohio
  • Dec 09: Today's Headlines: Rail traffic in the "doldrums"
  • Dec 08: BLE, three other unions discuss coordination
  • Dec 08: Today's Headlines: NS reopens Bison Yard
  • Dec 07: Today's Headlines: Laborers' International Union President retires
  • Dec 06: BLE asks AFL-CIO for stiffer sanctions against UTU
  • Dec 06: Today's Headlines: Ohio's Governor won't "tolerate" rail delays
  • Dec 03: Today's Headlines: Linda Morgan sworn in as STB chairman
  • Dec 02: Today's Headlines: STB dismisses proposal to deregulate grain traffic
  • Dec 01: Railroad Retirement Board announces increases for 2000
  • Dec 01: Today's Headlines: STB announces UP/SP merger crisis is over

    November 1999

  • Nov 30: Tax time is coming for BLE Secretary-Treasurers
  • Nov 30: Today's Headlines: Trade talks go on as protesters converge on Seattle
  • Nov 29: BLE scores major victory for former VIA Rail conductors, assistant conductors
  • Nov 29: Today's Headlines: STB will not grant emergency service order to Acme Steel
  • Nov 24: Today's Headlines: Amtrak and Government conflict over finances
  • Nov 23: Today's Headlines: Rail traffic levels down
  • Nov 22: Today's Headlines: Section 6 notices served by railroads and unions
  • Nov 19: Today's Headlines: Two killed and BLE member injured in accident
  • Nov 18: Breaking News! Immediate help needed in West Virginia coal crisis
  • Nov 18: Two major collisions today
  • Nov 18: Today's Headlines: UP train derails; residents evacuated
  • Nov 17: BLE secures 60-day delay of BNSF Availability Policy
  • Nov 17: Carriers double-cross Labor ... Bad omen for bargainers
  • Nov 17: Today's Headlines: STB in danger as pact crumbles
  • Nov 16: BLE to upgrade webserver
  • Nov 16: Today's Headlines: Labor angered over Clinton's China trade deal
  • Nov 15: Today's Headlines: Overnite strike enters fourth week
  • Nov 12: CP, RCTC/BLE & TCU hope to spread good 'NEWS'
  • Nov 12: BLE files appeal of CIRB ruling on VIA Rail
  • Nov 12: H.R. 3091 triples its co-sponsors
  • Nov 12: BLE publications claim five more awards from ARC
  • Nov 12: Cert Regs available for download
  • Nov 12: BLE mobilizes local safety protests against UP
  • Nov 12: Today's Headlines: NS asks judge to keep county from inhibiting project
  • Nov 11: Today's Headlines: Grain piling up in the wake of Conrail takeover
  • Nov 10: Dubroski pledges solidarity with UMWA
  • Nov 10: UTU guilty of raiding BLE membership on L&D RR
  • Nov 10: Today's Headlines: Amtrak train hits dump truck
  • Nov 09: Dubroski elected to AFL-CIO position
  • Nov 09: New engineer certification regs could mean immediate "back to work" for some
  • Nov 09: UTU responsible for year-long delay in implementaion of Certification Regulations
  • Nov 09: Today's Headlines: Amtrak and Pennsylvania announce funding agreement
  • Nov 08: Today's Headlines: BLE Member killed in truck-train accident
  • Nov 05: New Locomotive Engineer certification regulations announced today
  • Nov 05: Legislative Alert! Potential crisis for West Virginia coal, rail workers
  • Nov 05: Today's Headlines: Amtrak train collides with tractor-trailer
  • Nov 04: Rail Labor solidarity impacts Teamster strike of Overnite
  • Nov 04: Today's Headlines: Maintenance worker killed in Ohio
  • Nov 03: BLE will continue to fight BNSF Availability Policy
  • Nov 03: Today's Headlines: Election results coming in
  • Nov 02: Today's Headlines: DOT announces nationwide distribution of safety video
  • Nov 01: Get out and vote tomorrow
  • Nov 01: H.R. 3091 picking up steam
  • Nov 01: Today's Headlines: UP avoids Machinists Union strike
  • October 1999

  • Oct 29: Boyd confirms UTU support of single craft with dovetailed seniority rosters
  • Oct 29: Hours of Service reduction bill gaining momentum in House
  • Oct 29: Today's Headlines: Senate proposal would give Amtrak $10 billion over 10 years
  • Oct 28: CIRB hearing reveals UTU's support of dovetailed seniority rosters
  • Oct 28: UTU seeks to do away with accuracy in reporting
  • Oct 28: Today's Headlines: Amtrak reports record revenue
  • Oct 27: Today's Headlines: Machinists threaten to strike UP
  • Oct 26: Today's Headlines: Overnite tries to defer blame for Teamsters strike
  • Oct 25: Today's Headlines: Teamsters strike Overnite
  • Oct 22: Today's Headlines: DOT will hold meetings about intermodal equipment conditions
  • Oct 21: Today's Headlines: Former BNSF engineer sues the railroad
  • Oct 20: Today's Headlines: NS and N.C. Railroad reach agreement
  • Oct 19: Today's Headlines: Supreme Court will hear railroad crossing case
  • Oct 18: Today's Headlines: DOT announces proposal for STB reauthorization
  • Oct 15: Norfolk Southern to implement new discipline policy
  • Oct 15: Today's Headlines: Gore blasts UP subsidiary Overnite
  • Oct 14: AFL-CIO Delegates Give Early Nod to Gore
  • Oct 14: Today's Headlines: Supreme Court will not review Wheeling & Lake Erie case
  • Oct 13: AFL-CIO Convention calls for tougher "No-Raiding" sanctions
  • Oct 13: Today's Headlines: Teamsters and UAW say it is too early to endorse Gore
  • Oct 12: Today's Headlines: NS joins telecommunications business
  • Oct 11: Today's Headlines: Major railroads are Y2K compliant
  • Oct 08: Today's Headlines: DOT announces schedule for high speed testing
  • Oct 07: Rail Labor unites behind proposed Hours of Service amendment
  • Oct 07: Unions get Restraining Order to stop MBTA, anti-union contractor
  • Oct 07: Some BLE members to be impacted by UTU health and welfare deal
  • Oct 07: Today's Headlines: AFL-CIO Convention will begin October 11
  • Oct 06: BLE publications receive two more awards for excellence
  • Oct 06: Today's Headlines: Investigation into London crash to look at safety systems
  • Oct 05: UTU propaganda machine won't let facts get in the way of a story
  • Oct 05: Today's Headlines: Packed commuter trains collide in London
  • Oct 04: Judge denies TRO in Teamster Overnite dispute
  • Oct 04: Today's Headlines: DOT rejects ATA bid for fatigue study
  • Oct 01: Rail carriers seek to head off support for Teamsters
  • Oct 01: BLE regional meetings set for 2000
  • Oct 01: Today's Headlines: Morgan's renomination heads to Senate floor
  • September 1999

  • Sep 30: I.D. expands hour of operation
  • Sep 30: Fort Worth rally - BNSF not family friendly
  • Sep 30: Today's Headlines: $150 million in damages awarded in UP case
  • Sep 29: BLE supports Teamsters' struggle
  • Sep 29: Today's Headlines: Senate hears testimony on truck safety regulations
  • Sep 29: Bill to preserve contracts introduced in Senate
  • Sep 28: BLE fights to stall Morgan renomination
  • Sep 28: Arbitration postponed, BNSF Availability policy suspended
  • Sep 28: Today's Headlines: Senate holds hearing on Morgan reconfirmation
  • Sep 27: BLE members given Carnegie Medal for Heroism
  • Sep 27: Today's Headlines: Shippers dissatisfied with NS and CSX
  • Sep 24: BNSF Engineers and families Hold Protest Rally
  • Sep 24: Today's Headlines: CP and CSX trying to resolve access dispute
  • Sep 23: BLE shut out of UP/UTU "pep-rally"
  • Sep 23: Today's Headlines: KCS cited for allegedly violating safety standards
  • Sep 22: BLE Division 11 establishes scholarship
  • Sep 22: Today's Headlines: September Newsletter now available on website
  • Sep 21: Today's Headlines: Members of HSA are eligible for CARE Plan #4000
  • Sep 20: BLE publications recognized for excellence
  • Sep 20: Today's Headlines: CP intends to build intermodal hub near Detroit
  • Sep 17: UTU insurance option could give everyone the Blues
  • Sep 17: BLE engineers intend to strike Wheeling & Lake Erie
  • Sep 17: Today's Headlines: Floyd roars up the Eastern seaboard
  • Sep 16: Today's Headlines: Truck driver said gates came down too late
  • Sep 15: Today's Headlines: NTSB hearing continues
  • Sep 14: Today's Headlines: Highlights of Bourbonnais hearing
  • Sep 13: Today's Headlines: Grain transport concerns carriers and growers
  • Sep 10: Today's Headlines: CSX plans to reorganize company
  • Sep 09: Today's Headlines: CSX announces program for non-union employees
  • Sep 08: Today's Headlines: Three more S-T classes in 1999
  • Sep 07: BLE members support idea of federation with other rail labor unions
  • Sep 07: Today's Headlines: FHWA issues changes for trucks at grade crossings
  • Sep 03: Today's Headlines: NS and CSX still not meeting customer expectations
  • Sep 02: Today's Headlines: Amtrak confirms Acela will be delayed
  • Sep 01: BLE members lining up to support BLE Defense Fund
  • Sep 01: Today's Headlines: Acela's debut delayed

    August 1999

  • Aug 31: BNSF Availability Policy to go to arbitration
  • Aug 31: Today's Headlines: DOT announces public-private partnership
  • Aug 30: BLE gears up to take on UTU
  • Aug 30: UTU admits NMB petition a sham
  • Aug 30: Dubroski responds to latest threat from UTU
  • Aug 30: Today's Headlines: STB establishes rules for abandonment procedures
  • Aug 27: Today's Headlines: Passenger service shut down because of rain
  • Aug 26: Today's Headlines: Four people stabbed on an Amtrak train
  • Aug 25: Today's Headlines: Three S-T classes are upcoming
  • Aug 24: Today's Headlines: STB wants to know about potential Y2K problems
  • Aug 23: Today's Headlines: Acela testing is on-going
  • Aug 20: Today's Headlines: CSXT in court dispute over half-acre of land
  • Aug 19: Today's Headlines: Two BLE members killed in I&M Rail Link collision
  • Aug 18: Today's Headlines: Leaders memorialize late AFL-CIO President Kirkland
  • Aug 17: Today's Headlines: Amtrak improves but may not reach financial goals
  • Aug 16: Today's Headlines: Former AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland died Saturday
  • Aug 13: Today's Headlines: CSX reorganizes rail unit
  • Aug 12: Today's Headlines: AAR reports decline on Eastern U.S. railroads
  • Aug 11: BLE's post-hearing and reply briefs now available on the BLE website
  • Aug 11: Today's Headlines: FRA, Missouri and U.S. Attorney announce guilty plea
  • Aug 10: Today's Headlines: KCS must spin off Janus, according to Forbes
  • Aug 09: James McCoy elected First Vice-President and Alternate President
  • Aug 09: Today's Headlines: UP train derails in Texas; spills flammable liquid
  • Aug 06: Today's Headlines: Recall results will be published in August Newsletter
  • Aug 05: Today's Headlines: Bills would improve truck and bus safety
  • Aug 04: Today's Headlines: George Meany Center will host hazmat training
  • Aug 03: Dubroski emphasizes solidarity in first day as BLE President
  • Aug 03: Biography of BLE President Edward Dubroski
  • Aug 03: Today's Headlines: U.S. Secretary of Transportation submits rail safety bill
  • Aug 02: Today's Headlines: Shippers will gain if Canada reforms grain transportation
  • July 1999

  • July 31: Monin recalled as BLE President; Dubroski acting chief
  • July 30: Today's Headlines: Ballot counting continues in BLE recall election
  • July 29: Today's Headlines: Ballot counting begins today in BLE recall election
  • July 28: Today's Headlines: Congress not expected to act on pieces of transportation legislation
  • July 27: Today's Headlines: SWCM coming soon
  • July 26: Today's Headlines: Four more S-T classes scheduled for 1999
  • July 23: Bennett announces Board of Tellers for Recall
  • July 23: Today's Headlines: CP is slashing 1,900 jobs
  • July 22: Today's Headlines: CSX sells Sea-Land to Maersk
  • July 21: Today's Headlines: BNSF joins with company to boost intermodal chemical transport
  • July 20: Today's Headlines: S-Ts urged to take advantage of two final Compliance Classes
  • July 19: Today's Headlines: Today is SWCM room rate deadline
  • July 16: Today's Headlines: FRA study report reflective material may prevent collisions
  • July 15: Full transcript of NMB hearing now available
  • July 15: Rail Labor Prepares for United Bargaining Efforts
  • July 15: Today's Headlines: NS earnings expected to be down
  • July 14: Today's Headlines: New web page for SWCM
  • July 13: BLE clarifies UTU half-truths regarding Cohen's NMB arguments
  • July 13: Today's Headlines: AAR considers appeal of STB ruling
  • July 12: Today's Headlines: Punctured train car leaks chemical into river
  • July 09: Today's Headlines: Amtrak accident lands 18 in hospital
  • July 08: BWME President Mac Fleming supports BLE, craft of locomotive engineer
  • July 08: Today's Headlines: Rally and march video is available on the web
  • July 07: Today's Headlines: NMB hearing begins
  • July 06: Breaking News! Hundreds march in support of engineer's craft
  • July 06: Video of BLE march and rally will be provided on website
  • July 06: Today's Headlines: UP trains collide in California
  • July 02: Breaking News! AFL-CIO formally asks NMB to dismiss UTU application
  • July 02: Breaking News! PDF download of Sweeney letter to NMB
  • July 02: Growing list of unions agree to participate in BLE solidarity march and rally on July 6
  • July 02: AFL-CIO announces sanctions against UTU for illegal raid
  • July 02: Today's Headlines: SWCM deadline for room registration approaches
  • July 01: Breaking News! AFL-CIO imposes sanctions on UTU
  • July 01: Breaking News! PDF download of Sweeney letter announcing sanctions
  • July 01: Locomotive engineers decry hostile takeover attempt
  • July 01: Today's Headlines: Two Amtrak trains graze each other; cause unknown

    June 1999

  • June 30: Locomotive Engineers protest hostile takeover attempt
  • June 30: BLE members can complete collective bargaining survey online
  • June 30: Today's Headlines: Acela debuts in Washington
  • June 29: Today's Headlines: CSX will be first in industry to use Global Positioning Technology
  • June 28: Today's Headlines: INS let Resendez-Ramirez go free
  • June 25: Today's Headlines: Watchdog group questions worth of Heartland Flyer
  • June 24: Today's Headlines: Mayors asks Congress for adequate funding to Amtrak
  • June 23: AFL-CIO orders UTU to withdraw its NMB application
  • June 23: Today's Headlines: New computer will allow Amtrak to update passenger counts
  • June 22: Letter from John Sweeney ordering UTU to withdraw its NMB petition
  • June 22: Today's Headlines: Supreme Court decision allows BNSF to open line
  • June 21: Today's Headlines: Senate Bill would provide better training for rail police
  • June 18: Today's Headlines: AAR reports on Conrail break up
  • June 17: Today's Headlines: Scholarship deadlines approach
  • June 16: Today's Headlines: Delays and other problems plague CSX and NS
  • June 15: Today's Headlines: Passenger rail service returns to Oklahoma
  • June 14: Today's Headlines: Law suit filed in Thamesville Derailment
  • June 11: Today's Headlines: Texas serial killer apparently following rails, police say
  • June 10: Locomotive Engineers rally to protect craft, tradition
  • June 10: Today's Headlines: UPS hard hit by poor service from NS, CSX
  • June 09: Today's Headlines: One week later, CSX, NS having service troubles
  • June 08: Today's Headlines: Complete overhaul of VIA Rail expected
  • June 07: Today's Headlines: Trucking officials want more competitive rails
  • June 04: Today's Headlines: CSX communications center struck by lightning
  • June 03: Today's Headlines: Teamsters agree to new contract
  • June 02: Today's Headlines: Conrail merger begins flawlessly
  • June 01: Today's Headlines: Teamsters' strike delayed for 24 hours
  • May 1999

  • May 28: BLE successful in changing date of hearing on UTU petition
  • May 28: Today's Headlines: Fourth child in Amtrak accident dies
  • May 27: Today's Headlines: Locomotive Engineers struggle to cope with fatal collisions
  • May 26: Today's Headlines: Mother in Amtrak accident killed trying to save son
  • May 25: Today's Headlines: Four pedestrians killed on Amtrak tracks
  • May 24: Today's Headlines: NMB hearing about BLE/UTU to be held July 12
  • May 21: Today's Headlines: STB issues last-minute rulings in Conrail transaction
  • May 20: Today's Headlines: APTA releases passenger rail safety standards
  • May 19: Today's Headlines: BLE S-Ts urged to register for June Compliance Classes
  • May 18: Today's Headlines: Truck driver accused of falsifying records
  • May 17: Today's Headlines: BNSF pays $11 million to settle fire related lawsuits
  • May 14: Today's Headlines: Fatal Amtrak "City of New Orleans" wreck ruled accidental
  • May 13: Letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney
  • May 13: Today's Headlines: UTU heads back to National Mediation Board
  • May 12: Today's Headlines: UTU finances remain a mystery
  • May 11: Today's Headlines: BLE cites financial questions in calling off unification talks
  • May 10: BLE ends unification talks with UTU
  • May 10: Today's Headlines: BLE celebrates 136th anniversary
  • May 07: Today's Headlines: CN removes unmonitored switches in wake of fatal wreck
  • May 06: Today's Headlines: Rail unions question FRA report on Conrail safety integration plan
  • May 05: Today's Headlines: FRA report applauds CSX, NS safety plan for Conrail
  • May 04: Today's Headlines: GAO reports most rail rates have declined
  • May 03: Today's Headlines: S-T Compliance Classes set for May, June
  • April 1999

  • Apr 30: Today's Headlines: Rail Labor makes demands on STB Legislation
  • Apr 29: Today's Headlines: NS shareholder seeks to eliminate BLE incentive bonuses
  • Apr 28: Rail unions still gathering data to identify unsafe grade crossings
  • Apr 28: Today's Headlines: Workers' Memorial Day events held today
  • Apr 27: BLE Division 14 to hold prayer service for fallen Brothers
  • Apr 27: Today's Headlines: Questions still surround fatal VIA Rail derailment
  • Apr 26: BLE announces funeral arrangements for fallen VIA Rail Brothers
  • Apr 26: Today's Headlines: BLE member killed in VIA derailment
  • Apr 23: Breaking News: Two killed, 100 injured as VIA Rail passenger train derails
  • Apr 23: Today's Headlines: BNSF seeks permanent waver of daily locomotive inspections
  • Apr 22: Today's Headlines: Canadian railways show decline in first quarter profits
  • Apr 21: Today's Headlines: Toronto transit strike enters third day
  • Apr 20: BLE engineers ratify new contract agreement with Wisconsin Central
  • Apr 20: Today's Headlines: Labor unions increase political support of Republicans
  • Apr 19: Today's Headlines: 800,000 commuters stranded in Toronto subway strike
  • Apr 16: Today's Headlines: Rail industry faces "dismal" first quarter stock prices
  • Apr 15: Today's Headlines: Labor unions fear crew shortages in Conrail takeover
  • Apr 14: Today's Headlines: Japanese maglev train sets new world speed record
  • Apr 13: Today's Headlines: NATO airstrike hits passenger train; at least nine killed
  • Apr 12: Today's Headlines: Compliance Classes offered for BLE Secretary-Treasurers
  • Apr 09: Today's Headlines: AFL-CIO seeks equal pay for working women
  • Apr 08: Today's Headlines: AFL-CIO report critical of skyrocketing CEO salaries
  • Apr 07: Today's Headlines: Workers Memorial Day set for April 28
  • Apr 06: Today's Headlines: BLE offers S-T Compliance Classes for May, June
  • Apr 05: Today's Headlines: Steelworkers' strike shuts down shipbuilding yard
  • Apr 01: Today's Headlines: Trucker in deadly Amtrak wreck to lose license
  • March 1999

  • Mar 31: Today's Headlines: Woman survives dragging by Conrail freight
  • Mar 30: Rail unions to take on dual-pay system
  • Mar 30: Today's Headlines: Court order finally gives BLE victory on disputed property
  • Mar 29: Today's Headlines: NTSB re-interviews eye-witnesses to Amtrak collision
  • Mar 25: Railroad labor unions target unsafe grade crossings
  • Mar 25: Today's Headlines: Munitions train derails near Nashville
  • Mar 24: Today's Headlines: BLE member hurt as UP, Conrail trains collide
  • Mar 23: Today's Headlines: Witnesses offer conflicting viewpoints of Amtrak wreck
  • Mar 22: Today's Headlines: NTSB wraps up Amtrak investigation; investigates fuel tank leaks
  • Mar 19: Rail carriers, unions address top safety concern -- fatigue
  • Mar 19: Complete text of the new BLE-UTU-NCCC work/rest agreement
  • Mar 19: Today's Headlines: Eyewitness says truck driver at fault in Amtrak crash
  • Mar 18: Locomotive Engineers sue Grand Trunk Western over locker room videotaping
  • Mar 18: Today's Headlines: NTSB investigation focuses on suspicious tire tracks
  • Mar 17: BLE issues statement on fatal Amtrak "City of New Orleans" collision
  • Mar 17: Today's Headlines: NTSB focuses on truck driver in fatal Amtrak crash
  • Mar 16: Today's Headlines: 12 killed in Amtrak collision near Chicago
  • Mar 15: "Creation of a New Union" slide show now available to BLE members
  • Mar 15: Today's Headlines: Gephardt backs Gore for 2000 presidential election
  • Mar 12: Today's Headlines: Rail labor uses TTD to fight STB's "cram down" policy
  • Mar 11: Today's Headlines: FRA says NS, CSX making progress toward Conrail integration
  • Mar 10: Today's Headlines: New Amtrak high-speed trains to challenge airlines
  • Mar 09: Today's Headlines: Amtrak introduces new high-speed trains
  • Mar 08: Today's Headlines: Kansas City Southern moves ahead on new intermodal site
  • Mar 05: Today's Headlines: Amtrak president: Corporation's turnaround continues
  • Mar 04: Today's Headlines: GAO report critical of STB procedures
  • Mar 03: Today's Headlines: Texas think tank blasts commuter rail systems
  • Mar 02: Today's Headlines: Rail, truck leaders to discuss truck size, weight
  • Mar 01: Today's Headlines: BLE offers two Compliance Classes for S-Ts this month
  • February 1999

  • Feb 26: Today's Headlines: NTSB safety hearing concludes in Dallas
  • Feb 25: Today's Headlines: FRA defends itself from critical RailWatch report
  • Feb 24: Today's Headlines: NTSB hearing on UP safety issues starts today
  • Feb 23: Today's Headlines: Report calls for congressional investigation of railroads
  • Feb 22: Today's Headlines: Amtrak train delayed by radioactive material threat
  • Feb 19: Today's Headlines: AFL-CIO pledges $40 million toward elections
  • Feb 18: Today's Headlines: TTD cites safety in 1999 agenda
  • Feb 17: Today's Headlines: BNSF drug policy violators get face-to-face evaluations
  • Feb 16: Today's Headlines: Operation Lifesaver, UP fine violators
  • Feb 12: Today's Headlines: Investigation continues into Amtrak Texas Eagle derailment
  • Feb 11: Today's Headlines: 27 injured in Sacramento light-rail head-on collision
  • Feb 10: Today's Headlines: NTSB official questions carrier commitment to safety
  • Feb 09: Today's Headlines: BNSF, UP announce joint dispatching agreement
  • Feb 08: Today's Headlines: NTSB confirms UP safety hearing
  • Feb 05: Today's Headlines: Union Pacific boosts investment in Mexico
  • Feb 04: Today's Headlines: Gephardt won't run for President in 2000
  • Feb 03: Today's Headlines: NTSB to examine UP safety at public hearing
  • Feb 02: Today's Headlines: News briefs from the world of rail and labor
  • Feb 01: Locomotive Engineer certification changes clear final hurdle
  • Feb 01: New feature! Today's Headlines: News briefs from the rail and labor
  • January 1999

  • Jan 29: BLE demands action from FRA over intimidation of injured engineers
  • Jan 08: Tax help arrives for BLE Secretary-Treasurers
  • Jan 06: 106th Congress convenes today
  • 1998

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    Port of Virginia advances rail capacity expansion project
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