Hurricane Harvey

Gary Perrien Fund

The BLET’s National Division Advisory Board has approved a recommendation from BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce to re-activate and expand its Gary Perrien Fund to provide financial assistance to members living in Texas and Louisiana who have been the hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey.

As part of the expansion of the Fund, the BLET Advisory Board also authorized President Pierce’s request that $20,000.00 be transferred from the Union’s General Fund to the Perrien Fund as part of the associated fund raising effort on behalf of the Union’s members harmed by the storm.

The Advisory Board has also asked all BLET General Committees of Adjustment, State Legislative Boards, Divisions, and individual members to make matching donations to at least double the size of its initial contribution.

“We know that there are members who want to assist their Brothers and Sisters who have been harmed by the storm,” said Pierce, “One hundred percent of the money raised through this effort will go directly to as many members as possible.”

Donations are not tax deductible.

Donate by Check

To make a donation to the Gary Perrien Fund by check, mail your donation to:

Perrien Fund-Harvey Relief
BLET National Division
7061 East Pleasant Valley Road
Independence, OH 44131

Please make the check payable to Gary Perrien Medical Relief Fund.

About The Gary Perrien Fund

The Gary Perrien Fund was originally established by action of the delegates at BLET’s Second Quadrennial Convention in 2010. Brother Gary Perrien, then an active member serving on the Convention’s Arrangements Committee, fell ill and the delegates passed the hat to assist in his recovery. In a televised report back to the convention from his hospital bed, Brother Perrien asked that the funds be used to help those more needy than him, leading the delegates and the Advisory Board to later create the Gary Perrien Fund. Brother Perrien recovered and retired in the years following the 2010 Convention.