BLET Third National Convention concludes

The Third National Convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen was held September 29 - October 2, 2014 in Las Vegas with over 400 delegates representing 38,000 locomotive engineers and trainmen on national freight and passenger rail systems across the United States.

“It’s an honor for me to be your National President for another four years. I have every confidence we will leave here stronger than when we arrived. And when we go home to our Divisions, let us make every effort to make our union the strongest it can be.” — BLET National President Dennis Pierce

“I have always striven to stay true to the course set by our founding Brothers 151 years ago. I am mindful of the fact that I am a custodian and hope to leave the Brotherhood better than I found it. I have made decisions based on duty, honor and Brotherhood.” — Bill Walpert, BLET National Secretary-Treasurer

“You are the Union. Our members are the Union. We are all in this together and we have to get out to the polls and make sure that we do not let the anti-union, fat cats control our country.” — Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall